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3 habits that seceretly kills your phone battery


download 3 habits that seceretly kills your phone battery
Hello readers I hope you really enjoying my article. Well today it’s going to be about five things you are doing that is killing your phone battery that you didn’t know. Lot of phone users always complaining of the short duration of their battery life, not knowing that their the killing their battery themselves.

I was also a victim of this which made change battery alot so I decided to make research on it, and behold I found the answer to it all.
After reading this post you are going to be really greatful, cause you won’t be spending on phone battery ; it will be a thing of the past.
Here the three basic things you have been doing that is killing your battery life 

  • Allowing your phone battery to reach zero percent:

Lot Android users always makes this mistake especially because of the poor light condition in Nigeria, so most people just keep pressing their phone until it shuts down itself, not knowing that this is basically destroying their battery life.

  • Mobile data on while charging:

 this is another common mistake made by phone users. Doing this makes your phone charge at a very slow rate thereby making it do a force charge which affects the battery cell therefore making it weaker and last less.

  • Operating phone while hot:

 lot of people always over multi task their phone data connection on, playing music same time whatsapping hotspot on this killing your battery and you didn’t know.

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