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9Mobile Data Plans Codes For January 2018 [PC, Android and iOS]


For January 2018 [PC, and iOS]

9Mobile which is formerly known as , is a Internet service provider that provides super fast internet connection in most locations in Nigeria. They recently stop internet support for Blackberry devices across the nation but till support data services for Android, iOS , PC and other smart gadgets. [Latest: All 9Mobile Data Plans For January 2018 [PC, ]

Screenshot 125 9Mobile Data Plans Codes For January 2018 [PC, Android and iOS]

9Mobile [Etisalat] data plans are not that cheap compare to , , and Airtel but their services is reliable than others. In , you can pay N1000 to enjoy 3.2GB but you may end up not been able to use up to 1.5GB before the data expires because of poor internet service. [Latest: All 9Mobile Data Plans For January 2018 [PC, Android and iOS]

Well, 9Mobile Nigeria offers various data bundles for Android, PC and iOS. They have daily plans, weekly plans, monthly plans, night plans and also have bundles for social media apps also [Social Pak]. If you are 9Mobile subscriber and you have been looking for code to use for activating their data bundles then you are in right place as you will see all their 2017 August internet bundle plans below. [Latest: All 9Mobile Data Plans For January 2018 [PC, Android and iOS]

9Mobile [Etisalat] Data Plans Codes For January 2018 [PC, Android and iOS]

9Mobile Monthly Data Plans

  • Dial *229*2*7# to activate 1GB for ₦1000
  • Dial *229*2*25# or Text AND11 to 229 [1.5GB for ₦1,200]
  • Dial  *229*2*8# or Text AND2 to 229 [2.5GB for ₦2,000]
  • Dial *229*2*35# or Text AND22 [4GB for ₦3000]
  • Dail *229*2*36# or Text AND3 to 229 [5.5GB for ₦4000]
  • Dial *229*2*5# or Text MB6 to 229 [11.5GB for ₦8,000]
  • Dial *229*4*1# or Text SM1 to 229 [15GB for ₦10,000]
  • Dial  *229*4*3# or Text SM3 to 229 [27.5GB for 18,000]
Note that all data bundles valid for 30days.
9Mobile Night And Weekend Data Plans
  • Dial *5995*2# 1GB weekend Plan N500 (friday 11:59pm – sunday 11:59pm)
  • Dial *229*3*11# for 1GB night only plan N200 (Valid for 1day, 12am – 5am)
  • Dial *229*3*12# for 2GB evening & weekend plan N1,000 (Valid for 30days. 7PM – 7AM)
  • Dial *229*3*13# for 5GB evening & weekend plan N2,000 (Valid for 30days, 7PM – 7AM)
Other 9Mobile Data Plans 
  • Dial *229*3*8# for 10MB daily Plan N50 (24 hours)
  • Dial *229*3*1# for 40MB daily Plan N100 (24 hours)
  • Dial *229*2*10# for 150MB weekly Plan N200 (7 days)
  • Dial *229*2*12# for 500MB monthly Plan N500 (30 days)
  • Dial *229*5*1# for quarterly plan (30GB) N27,500 (90 days)
  • Dial *229*5*2# for bi-annual plan (60GB) N55,000 (120 days)
  • Dial *229*4*5# for 100GB Plan N84, 992 (30 days)
  • Dial *229*5*3# for annual plan (120GB) N110,000 (365 days)
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