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Dessert Chain Café Waitress MOD APK Unlimited Money 0.8.2


dessert chain apk mod Dessert Chain Café Waitress MOD APK Unlimited Money 0.8.2

Dessert Chain Café Waitress is an offline time management from touchten.After a huge success of other time management games like Ramen Chain and Japan Food Chain developers came back with new Chain series and this time its about Coffee and sweet.

Have you ever dreamed of having a cafe, shop, bakery, or boulangerie? then this game will let you all those things here. feel comfy and server your customers with managing your time and serving well. Dessert Chain Coffee & Sweet MOD APK is free in the play store but with IAP for VIP and Coins,Gems but using MOD APK Hack of you will get free unlimited VIP Account with Unlimited Money like coins and gems.

Dessert Chain Café Waitress MOD APK FREE VIP Unlimited Money 0.8.2

So gameplay works like all other cooking based time management games where you have to serve your customers with your dishes or sweets. you will see how many customers to attend in each level on the left side of your screen. customers will come in their time lapses.

what you have to do is just ready their items in given time. you will see green bar on your customers and it will be decreasing over time so you will have to finish their orders pretty quick or they will run away.


Game is specially designed for giving addictive part to its gamers. you will feel like playing it more and unlocking more stuffs in the game. there is a currency system which can be used to upgrade your shop equipment. upgraded equipment will reward you more coins and also they will work faster than before.

since you are using Dessert Chain Coffee & Sweet MOD APK you will have unlimited coins and gems to spend so you can upgrade your items more frequently and easily.

What’s In The MOD APK of Dessert Chain Coffee and Sweet:-
Unlimited Money/Coins/Gems
VIP Account


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