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black desert online 357x210 Download Black Desert Mobile APK MOD Android

If you haven’t heard of APK MOD before we’re not talking about oil deals but about one of the most loved MMORPG of all time and it came out about three years ago. so why am i bringing it up now among the gigantic wave of new mobile MMORPGs announced last year. APK MOD Online Android was clearly the title which stood out for me. in a sea of MMO clones where the auto function is king and the modes are all the same if a game could put off the impressive trick of being original and entertaining it should be this game. Unfotunetly English Version is not available right now.

MOD Android 1.0.99

The pre-registration website opened since few days ago in Korea and no need to say I jumped on it faster than a jump on French bread out of the oven. first phase of black desert mobile APK MOD released with only five classes warrior,Ranger,Giants,witch and Valkyrie. yes I’m sure some of you might not find a class they wanted to start with but they shall come in time. each character have eight active skills to choose from. and have a very large pool of skills apparently and the modes in which you will be able to test them are the open world of course.Open world gameplay with Main features such as word boss fights, guild, base as well as PvP and modes something called conquests and base capture as you may already know.

Android RPG Game Download Black Desert Online Mobile APK MOD

Which are two of the major issues nowadays with MOBA MMORPGs are auto function and grinding parts. yes the Korean version of black desert Mobile APK MOD has no to function but the dates are currently considering removing it for the global lunch as this is something most of the players complain about. my concern though is that considering how grindy Black Desert Mobile MOD APK is it might get complicated to move on fast in the game without actually having any auto function. Black Desert Mobile has one of the best looking graphics on mobile. it might be the best RPG on mobile. Only time will answer this. Well i have no idea about the English Version of Black Desert Android yet. whenever i get the English version i will update it in here.

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