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Download Durango Wild Lands APK MOD Android Download 2.16.0


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just landed as a limited time beta. Developed and published by NEXON COMPANY its an adventure survival based MMORPG which just got a beta today. I have been playing this for quite a long time and i must say its one of the best Android survival ever. Now if you are looking for Durango APK then stop right there its not that may take ages or won’t arrive at all it depends on game security.

Android Limited Beta 2.16.0+1711151321
Durango is an action survival open world game set in prehistoric worlds. game starts with selecting a character you like and all those characters are going somewhere in the train. when you select your preferred character game starts. after completing few quests a giant T-Rex comes aboard and kills everyone on the train and suddenly you are thrown in to the game with other survivors and villagers.

Its a limited beta and its for only select players so i would suggest you to grab a BETA KEY as soon as possible so you can enjoy it long enough until game releases worldwide. Game looks promising and hunting dinosaurs are so much fun. graphics looks dullbut game has fantastic contents like crafting,hunting,building and a big world to explore. you can also ride dinosaurs. game looks huge for its content based gameplay.
Durango Wild Lands APK MOD is a versatile Android and IOS survival MMORPG game where gamers are pushed into the ancient age by a period twist and challenged to survive with dinosaurs. Enter an itemized 2.5D graphical open world that represent and mechanics that extend past the ordinary versatile game. Unite with other players whether they are your friends or random personas and build your village. and make due as a group against the assaults of predatory dinosaurs. Make an unending assortment of instruments, crafting, dressing, foods , and increasingly that utilization assets found over the game world. Chase, catch, and tame dinosaurs to ride and use in your group building, making full utilization of the world’s assets.

Features Of Durango APK:-

Beautiful Open world 2.5D Graphics

Top Notch Survival Gameplay

Relatively Uncommon genre for Mobile phones

Build your community and share everything

Go on hunting dinosaurs and collect foods

Catch and Tame wild dinosaurs

Take your friends dinosaurs on hunting and collecting materiel

Unique crafting system


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