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Lagos, Abuja, and PorHarcourt to get Airtel 4G-LTE Broadband this December

Nigeria has revealed that they are launching their LTE network later this year to some part of the country and then roll-out nationwide lately next year. Airtel Nigeria is the only standing network providers that are yet to launch 4G-LTE network here in Nigeria.
Airtel 4G Lagos, Abuja, and PorHarcourt to get Airtel 4G LTE Broadband this December
Earlier this year,  , , and 9mobile have given to us their 4G-LTE service and we are excited to see how some this network 4G service is doing. Now, Airtel is ready to bring its own version of the fourth network generation available to us.

According to a hidden source that reveals the exciting news:
“Airtel will be rolling out their 4G LTE network this December 2017 in 3 states in Nigeria which includes Lagos, Abuja, and PorHarcourt before adding other states”.

If you recall, Airtel Nigeria in November partnered with Ericsson for core network upgrade which is a  3 years contract with Ericsson to transform its core network in Nigeria thereby enabling faster mobile broadband.

We hope everything goes smoothly and successfully. Now that Airtel currently has unlimited plans So this 4G LTE network is a great news to all subscribers.

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