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Download Modern Strike Online MOD APK 1.23.2


Modern strike online mod apk Download Modern Strike Online MOD APK 1.23.2

 is an FPS Multiplayer Head to Head PVP Android from Development LTD.This is almost perfect for the FPS PVP has quality graphics,premium looking gameplay and fair play MAPS and STATS.with MOD APK you will get Unlimited Premium Account for free and Unlimited Ammo latest version.New update Christmas 1.22.2 arrived it has new mode bombs.

1.23.2 Premium Account Unlimited Ammo

APK+DATA Unlimited Ammo Modern Strike Online is an online FPS PVP game based on Unity engine. There are big number of FPS multiplayer available in the play store and some are bad some are good and some requires a lot of IAPs. Modern Strike Online is still in beta and available only for select testers. Some texts are in Russian Language but most of main part texts are in English and you can easily understand it well. Game works super smooth,its well optimized and plays smoothly though some bugs and lags found in the server mainly its because of high ping due to its servers. server must be located in Russia. But still managed to get in #1 place due to unlimited ammo. was dominating the city killing here and there sometime you just spawn near enemies and voila you just got free kills. sometimes enemies spawn behind you and you get knocked out easily. Game will be free in the play store and will be offering silver and gold coins for playing multiplayer . those coins can be used to purchase new weapons and upgrades. Talking about Gameplay its completely good and once your device is strong enough to handle this game you will be getting constant 60 FPS in battle. controls are same as other FPS game.your guns starts firing as soon as you AIM on the enemies. Headshot, Double Kill, Granade kill. various kills gives XP and enough XP will get you leveled up. Modern Strike Online has great potential if they come up with more MAPs, More Game MODES and various server from all over the depending on locations then i must say this game will be the one which we will be playing while we are connected to internet. Modern Strike Online MOD APK


Features of Modern Strike Online MOD APK:
Expert Looking Graphics
7 Different Maps to try your own tactics
25 Different GUNS to Dominate in the game
Level Up and Get more rewards

What’s In The MOD APK: RoyalGamer
-NightVision Activated
-Infinite Grenades In Game Only
-Infinite Medkits In Game Only
-Removed Medkit Cooldown
-No Items Break
-No Weapon Break
-Flash Bang Immune
-Premium VIP Account Activated
-Experience And Bonus Activated
-No Bullet Spread
-Infinite Ammo
-Rapid Fire
-No Recoil
-No Reload
-No Cam Shake
-AntiBan Improved


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