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Aichun Beauty Buttocks Enlargement Massage Cream

4,000.00 1,650.00

Key Features
  • Tighten saggy buttocks.
  • Normalizes buttocks nutrients and metabolism
  • Contains moisturizers that smooth the skin.
  • Reduced fat & cellulite deposits
  • Powerful Fat Reducer – Mobilizes Stored Fat
  • Contains Coffee & Chili Extracts

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The proven result of ‘Hip Lift Cream’ by Aichun Beauty has made it a popular brand among ladies all over the world. Aichun Hip Up Cream is an effective cream that contains natural herbal extracts  that activate dormant cells which helps your butt looks beautiful, tight, plump, smooth, full, balanced hormones, reducing black lines and maintain the natural balance of the skin and make it healthy.This Amazing new hot cream contains essences of natural massage oil & plant extracts,traditionally used in South American native medicine.


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