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Brut 3Pcs Body Spray For Men – (EDP 200ml)

6,000.00 2,370.00

Key Features
  • Volume:‎ 200ml
  • Eau De Brut Body Spray
  • Type‎:‎ Deodorant
  • Long Lasting Fragrance

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This mass premium deodorant with a fresh yet intense fragrance is a must have for the man who knows to play the ‎.‎ Slightly punchy‎,‎ a little smoky and proudly male‎!‎ About BrutBrut is one of the most well‎-known‎,‎ fragrance‎-led male personal care brands preferred by men around the world‎.‎ Since its launch‎,‎ Brut signature fragrances have empowered men across the world to wear fragrances with confidence‎,‎ charm and character‎.‎ Since then‎,‎ Brut has defined a prestige masculine scents for men‎.‎


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