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Forever Living ABetaCarE

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Key Features
  • Very good for the eye.
  • It is very good for hair and skin.
  • It is good for menopausal symptoms.
  • It is good in the management of blood diseases such as sickle cell disease and clotting disorders.
  •  It is also good for osteo-arthritis.
  • It is good for female fertility.
  •  It is good for men’s health as it maintains the prostate.
  • It boosts sperm count, etc.

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This is a very good source of vitamin A and E. It supplies Vitamin A as a precursor, so the body converts it to Vitamin A in the intestine when needed. Therefore with this product there is no overdose of Vitamin A (excessive dose of Vitamin A is known to be toxic).

It also has a mineral called Selenium. This makes the product a very powerful anti-oxidant which clears unwanted substances such as free radicals from the circulatory system and tissues. Free radicals are believed to be the cause of growths like fibroid, cancer, ganglion, etc.

Use one soft gel three times.


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