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Mortal Kombat XL – MKXL Ps4

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Key Features
  • Developer: NetherRealm Studios
  • Genre(s): Action
  • Rating: M
  • Head-to-head heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping fighting action
  • Vibrant visuals and cinematic presentation
  • Put your skills to the test with all-new gameplay
  • Customize your attack with multiple variations
  • Take the fight worldwide with fully connected online gameplay
  • Cheats: On GameFAQs

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One of the best-selling titles of 2015 has gone XL! Komplete The Mortal Kombat X Experience with new and existing content. Includes the main , and new playable characters Alien, Leatherface, Triborg, and Bo’Rai Cho. Previously released playable characters include Predator, Jason Voorhees, Tremor, Tanya, and Goro.

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Mortal Kombat XL offers the ultimate Mortal Kombat X experience that includes the main game and all content featured in the Kombat Pack 2:

• New playable characters the Xenomorph from Alien, Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre horror film series, Triborg and Bo’Rai Cho

• Never released Apocalypse Skin Pack

• Previously released content including playable Goro, Brazil Skin Pack, Kold War Skin Pack and Kold War Scorpion Skin

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New combatants

Do battle in one of the most bone crunching and brutal fighting franchises in gaming history, trading blows with series stalwarts and bad guys alike, as you enter the Mortal Kombat XL arena on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Play as one of eight new characters that join the massive Mortal Kombat X roster – including film icons Alien, Predator and Jason Voorhees – and test your skills against the greatest warriors from across the Realms.

Lay waste to your opponents with devastating Fatality and Brutality finishing moves that will literally tear foes limb from limb. Compete across 13 arenas to bring down the fallen Elder God Shinnok in an epic creative story that pushes Mortal Kombat 25 years into the future – or take on friends and online competitors for the simple pleasures of victory in multiplayer mode. 

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  • NEXT-GEN FATALITIES: Mortal Kombat™ XL offers you the chance to crush your opponent with the most intense and gruesome finishing moves ever.


  • CINEMATIC STORY MODE: Step into a creative story mode that pushes Mortal Kombat™ 25 years into the future


  • EVERY CHARACTER, VARIATION & SKIN: For the first time, play from the entire MKX roster – completely un-locked! You can play as the most movie characters and new fan favourites. Customise your fights like never before! This includes new character packs, skin packs and a completely unseen previously environment – the Pit!

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