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MTN MTN 4G Mobil Wifi

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Key Features

Speed: Up 150Mbps
WI-FI: 2.4GHz
Connections: 16 WI-FI device simultaneously
Security: Password protection Wi-Fi connection
Battery: 1500mAh. Up to 6 hours working and 300 hours stand-by (depending on the network)

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This Mobil Wifi device is designed to conserve power whenever possible. it will turn off WI-FI and enter sleep mode if no device is connected to it after it has been on for a period of time.simple touch the power button to wake it back up.
if you forget the WI-FI SSID, password web management page login password,press and hold the reset bun untill mobil Wifi restarts. the Mobile wifi device settings are then restored to their default values


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