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Sony PS3 SuperSlim Console 160GB & 12 Latest Game Titles Downloaded

58,000.00 56,500.00

Key Features
  • Ultra Super slim – Latest Model of the PS3 series
  • 160gb HDD Console with 1 Sony wireless DualShock 3 Controller
  • Downloaded Games include:  FIFA 18, PES 18, Mortal Kombat XL, god of war, e.t.c
  • High Definition 1080p Blu-ray Player – Heighten your visual Experiences
  • Focuses on the gamer, ensuring that the very best games are possible
  • The Best in Video Streaming Services -Internet Ready With Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Play, Stream and Watch. 

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Play. Stream. Watch. Amazing Value at an Amazing Low Price

Play the one of the highest rated libraries including PlayStation’s exclusive award-winning ‘AAA’ games like Gran Turismo, God of War and Uncharted. Stream your favorite entertainment apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video for Free*. Watch movies come to life with the built-in HD Blu-Ray Player. *User is responsible for internet access fees

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This Generation’s Largest Exclusive Games Library

Dig into this platform generation’s most extensive library of exclusive games, including popular titles like LittleBigPlanet and award-winning ‘AAA’ series such as God of War and Uncharted.

Play Online for No Additional Fee

Use an online connection to access PlayStation Network’s free multiplayer. Bluetooth EDR capability makes communication easy and clear when you’re teaming up with friends.

Your Apps for Free

Stream your favorite video services like Netflix and Hulu Plus for no additional fee. Sign up for streaming app subscriptions if you haven’t already and enjoy instant access.

Enjoy Blu-Ray Movies Instantly

The built in Blu-Ray disc player brings your movies and shows to life in with stunning visual and sound quality.


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