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Universal 6 SetTop Gold Slog Plated Hip-Hop Teeth Grillz

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Key Features
  • Simply dip your Grill in hot water (about boiling temperature) for 30 seconds to allow silicone lining to soften. 
  • After a short cool down period so you are not burned, 
  • Carefully place the Grill guard into your mouth and form fit it along your teeth until a comfy fit is set.  
  • The silicone will be soft at first and then harden while it cools in your mouth. (If you have ever made a mouth guard for sports it is a similar process.) Never eat, sleep, or keep Grills in for an extended period of time, take them out and wash after each use.

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    New with tags, unused, unworn and undamaged Gold Plated Teeth Mouth Grillz. Grillz can be worn and removed easily. Easy to follow instructions to set your grillz in minutes

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