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Tecno Camon CX New Update – Allow You to Move Apps to SDcard


I hate it when smartphones don’t receive updates… I hate it
when Android phones are allergic to updates. Android is boring without update. Any OEM that doesn’t provide system
updates for fixes or normal updates for current Android OS is not fit to be in
the market.

But not so for Tecno Camon CX users… a new updates that
allow you to do the following is now available via OTA.

The Updates Allow You to:

  1. Updated GPRS parameters,
  2. Updated Google security patch,
  3. Updated Hi manager to Phone Manager,
  4. You can now move apps to SD card from your phone storage thereby having more
    spaces on your phone.

… and lot more

tecno camon cx new update allow you to move apps to sdcard Tecno Camon CX New Update – Allow You to Move Apps to SDcard

Before You update Do the Following

: Make sure you are not rooted… if you are, kindly unroot.

::Make sure your phone is 90% charged or connected to power.

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How to download the update

>>Go to settings>>About
Phone>>system update

>>Download the update and

Insert an SD card, move your apps to sd card and enjoy the update.

Let us know if you experience any
difficulty with the installation. We really hope every other Tecno smartphones
will get update for system fixes.

  1. UTIBE says

    had updated and still do not find options to move installed apps from Phone memory to memory card

    1. EMEKA NWONYE says

      you have to make your SD CARD your default storage via storage

      1. UTIBE says

        Done that since the day I got a memory card for the phone before the update was made available and even downloaded

        1. EMEKA NWONYE says

          once you are Able to choose SD card as default storage for App.. you should be able to install apps to SD Card too..

  2. UTIBE says

    I have updated my device but still do not find option to move apps to SD Card

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